Wolf & Bear Services

Wolf and Bear are boutique data analytics and market research provider helping you to explore your company’s possibilities through data.


  • Analyzing your current data with business objectives & market strategies
  • Looking across sector market forces that can benefit your business
  • Providing answers to questions you have & even those you didn’t know about!

Remember, we’re not just about the numbers, we have a soft side too. One that understands both human behaviour and qualitative data – to give your business a balanced edge in decision making.

We offer professional services that rival the ‘big four’, without the ‘big four’ cost.   Get in touch now to find out how we can help you to achieve your goals.  Mention Construction Advisor and receive a discount on your discovery process.


Contact James MacPherson
Role Principal Consultant
Email Enquires@wolfandbear.net.au
Telephone 0447 843 312
Address PO Box 599 Deepdene DC
Melbourne, Victoria 3101
Website https://www.wolfandbear.net.au/

Our Services

Business Intelligence & Data Analysis

Wolf & Bear specialise in the scope, design and implementation of Business Intelligence Systems to drive reporting and good business management. We cover a range of platforms including Power BI, Tableau, Qlik and more.
We believe in “Intelligent Business through Business Intelligence” TM
We do this by:
              • Taking your mountain of data and turning it into actionable insights
              • Bringing diverse data sources together to provide new understanding

And the results will help you answer the questions you have, and even those you didn’t know about!

Pricing Strategy & Management Systems

In addition to data analysis, pricing is another ‘love’ of ours. Which means we’ll happily help you gain control and direction of your pricing behaviour.Whether you’re facing: a contracting market, a booming demand, or lack of transparency – let us help you find the pricing method that works for you, from:

  • index pricing
  • spot pricing
  • market driven pricing
  • cost recovery based methods

Seeing you happy, makes us happy!  But more importantly, maximizing YOUR profitability is our goal and we do take that very seriously – through the pricing strategies and management systems we deploy.

Market Research

Who doesn’t love market research?

                      • Data collection and interpretation – amazing!
                      • Linking up with data partners and public sources – oh the insights!
                      • And creating in-depth industry reports all for you – what could be better?!

Nothing as far as we’re concerned…which is why our team has decades of accumulated experience doing market research.
Let us wade through the data so that you don’t have to. Take our vast experience and get the information and insights you need in making those key decisions!

Location Footprint Analysis

Location footprints now and for the future can both be complicated and stressful, let us and our data help carry that that for you!
Through our ‘love’ of numbers and previous experience, we can deliver the data you need to support your decisions.
From profiling existing revenue generation to cross-referencing ABS census data,
 we’ll pinpoint the gaps and opportunities in your current location strategy!

Profitability Modelling

Is cost an after-thought? And the profitability/margin a mere by-product of revenue for you?
As experienced builders of cost models, let Wolf & Bear translate your pricing, volume and transaction profiles to help you better understand where your profitability truly comes from.
We’ll look at your:

  • product
  • geography
  • customer segment
  • tiers, and numerous other factors showcasing those areas of your business that are truly profitable vs. those that are not.

Isn’t it better to know than not know? We think it is …and we’d love to help!

Our Founders

James M. Principal Consultant – Pricing Strategy& Systems Specialist

With over 15 years experience in the equipment rental industry, James MacPherson has held senior positions as a Pricing/Commercial Analyst and in Management for the leaders in the industry.  He continues to  develop Business Intelligence Solutions for a range of clients across many industries.
He has experience developing and implementing major national initiatives organisation wide, and has done so through variable market conditions.
James is experienced with helping you find your possibilities to develop and transform your business!

Claire A. Principal Consultant – Industry/Sector Research Specialist

Claire has worked in equities and investment research for over 15 years. Covering Listed Investment Companies, Equities and Funds.
She brings a strong analytical eye to investigation and analysis.
With experience in a broad range of sectors, Claire is perfect in evaluating markets and companies prospects and financials.
Data analysis and presentation (dashboards) that actually drive decision-making behavior, calculations and formulae that measure real business activity and solutions that fit your needs.