What is the ultimate price of the “Big Build’ in Victoria?

(Photo: Thomas Hawk/flickr)

Since 2014, when Daniel Andrews became Premier of Victoria, the pipeline of infrastructure projects over the next 11 years has nearly doubled to almost 90, costing taxpayers a total of $81 billion.

These projects include the construction of five tunnels around Melbourne. Included in these figures are the Suburban Rail Loop ($50 billion) and North East Link ($16 billion), among the most expensive of all Victoria’s road and rail projects.

Currently, there are nine transport projects in Australia valued at over $5 billion under construction, and their total cost has already blown out by $24 billion.  According to The Grattan Institute’s transport and cities program director, Marion Terrill, research on mega-projects shows that a decade ago, there was only one transport project in Australia valued at over $5 billion.

A broad survey of major projects costing $100 million or more, now being conducted by Victoria’s Auditor-General will give Victorian’s a update on the projects costs and timelines of these projects.

There is some commentary from a range of observers as to whether the Victorian Government should provide more detail as to both current and likely costs of these projects.

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