Wet Weather on the Jobsite – Are you Prepared?

As the cold and rain sets in, Worksafe Victoria has released a timely reminder of the hazards wet weather can bring to construction sites. Along with slippery surfaces and flood mitigation, site inspections should also identify risks such as waterlogged ground that could pose a hazard to mobile plant.

Employers can help manage wet weather hazards by:

  • Inspecting the work site to ensure ground stability has not been compromised and foundations are secure.
  • Spreading crushed rock on walkways, over mud and placing boot scrapers at access points.
  • Ensuring plant operators are aware of the risk posed by waterlogged ground before they begin work.
  • Ensuring electrical equipment that has potentially been affected by water is taken out of service until inspected, tested and made safe.
  • Identifying soft ground and marking it with flags, bollards or other indicators as a warning to workers.
  • Seeking assistance when recovering bogged equipment or animals.
  • Avoiding employees working alone and ensuring they have access to a means of communication, either a phone or radio.

Read the full press release here.

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