The heat is on

Photo: ogopa/flickr

76% of fire doors inspected by the Fire Door Inspection Scheme last year in the UK have been found to be not fit for purpose.  In 2019 there were over 100,00 inspections under the scheme, which found that 63% of buildings inspected had other fire safety issues as well.

Problems with the installation of fire doors is a major factor, with over 30% of doors inspected found to be incorrectly installed. Things like gaps around the door, or the addition of an unapproved mailbox, will greatly affect the ability of the door to perform as it should.

It’s now more than 3 years since the fire at the Grenfell Tower in London’s north Kensington, which caused the death of 72 people and revealed just how bad the fire safety in buildings generally is. Investigations are continuing into the cause of the fire, but it is already clear that much needs to be done to improve the fire safety in buildings.

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