New Infrastructure technology – ‘Gamechangers’ awarded by the American Society of Civil Engineers

Photo: Francesco Pappalardo/flickr

Every year the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) honors infrastructure projects around the country that showcase innovative ways of constructing roads, building bridges and treating water.

Whether they’re unique, niche innovations or ways to cope with an ever-changing landscape of funding and regulations, the ASCE Infrastructure Gamechangers can provide contractors across the country with a roadmap for creative problem-solving.

ASCE recently added 12 gamechangers to its list of honorees. Some that have the biggest ramifications for the construction industry this year are:

EJ Water Cooperative and Illinois Fiber Connect

Mississippi levee inspection system

Lava-protecting panels on Hawaii highways

Wyoming connected vehicle program

Louisville sewer overflow basin project

Tilikum Crossing pedestrian and transit bridge

Branson, Colorado, water filtration

PennDOT demand-response transit

To read what the US’ The Construction Dive reported on these projects, click here



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