It’s not London Bridge that’s falling down …

(Photo: Matt Brown/flickr)

A restoration program on a grand scale is needed to repair the Palace of Westminster in London – aka the Houses of Parliament.  Preferably without any politicians or peers inside. 100 surveys have been requested to obtain accurate costs for the work.

It is a well known fact that the Houses of Parliament urgently need repair.  What has not been determined is how to justify the cost and what to do with the 3,000 people who work within its walls.

In 2015 a report by Deloitte Real Estate in conjunction with Aecom and HOK noted the cost of essential works at £3.5 billion if its workers are relocated for six years and the builders can access the entire building, or £5.7 billion and 32 years if they all stayed in.  Either way, the cost of the works is a mere £1 billion out of either of those numbers.

The Restoration and Renewal Program commission a report last year,  Restoration and Renewal Programme: Strategic Review, which has now been published. The report confirms the above.

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