Humans are not the only things veggies are good for

(Photo: Nic McPhee/flickr)

A trial is running in the UK, using  hydrotreated vegetable oil in a 25-tonne excavator.

Keltbray is running two identical Caterpillar machines,  one on standard red EN590 diesel and one on Green D+ biofuel, supplied by Speedy. The machines’ will be monitored remotely through their telematics to assess performance and consumption,

The fuel is stored on site in bowsers with telematics that tell Speedy when it needs to come and refill.

Green D+ fuel is a hydrotreated (also called hydrogenated) vegetable oil (HVO), sold to the market with the potential of reducing carbon dioxide equivalent emissions by 90% and achieving up to 6.4% higher fuel efficiency, it is claimed.

Other contractors to have used HVO include VolkerFitzpatrick and Land & Water.

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