Giant airbags trial for the protection of roadside workers

Photo: mompl/flickr

Highways England and Kier are trialling a giant airbag to protect road workers from traffic.

The vehicle incursion airbag aims to stop motorists driving into work areas at roadworks. The airbag is being trialled in the Midlands in a bid to reduce the number of motorists that mistakenly drive into work areas.

It is less about providing an impact buffer and more to do with raising visibility of the hazard. The airbag is large, bright and very visible –  and can inflated within 10 minutes. It is a warning sign, not a safety cushion.

Highways England’s Midlands innovation manager Lisa Maric said:  “On average, our road workers report approximately 240 incidents of vehicle incursions each month. It is a far too frequent hazard for our workforce going about their daily job – and the consequences could be fatal.

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