Get the Job!

When you decide to seek employment or apply for a promotion, knowing the 6 factors which influence recruitment decisions, will increase your chances in a competitive marketplace.

The Construction Advisor Get the Job Program is designed to help you understand your current strengths and weaknesses when applying for roles.

Whether you are fresh out of school/university, an old hand, or even someone seeking a Board role, you need to understand the new keys to success.

Whilst your CV is important, with the advent of both Resumè Screening Software and Video Recruitment Technologies, so are your personal presentation and interviewing skills, which includes much more than just your ability to answer standard questions.

We can help you:

  • analyse your current career gaps and get clarity on how to address them
  • craft a great CV
  • polish your communication style

The Get the Job Program includes a range of options:

  • a stand-alone two-part introductory webinar series
  • individual coaching focused on specific areas, including CV preparation

Whether in writing or in interviews, highly- qualified technocrats may need to enhance their communication skills, whilst high-connectors may need to tone down the chit-chat and focus on substance.

Each candidate is unique in every respect, so we will design a tailor-made approach to help you reach your goal.

Get the blue ribbon you deserve.