Federal Government supporting recycling and waste management infrastructure

(Photo: Ian Livesey/flickr)

The May 2021 budget has allocated over $70 million for new recycling and waste management infrastructure, not only to minimise the environmental impact of waste, but also to create jobs and stimulate the economy.

The majority of these funds will be directed to green waste in an effort to convert some of the 3.4 million tonnes of landfill into more productive uses.  One such effort is the “Food Waste for Healthy Soils Fund” initiative, which is working to turn organic material in to improved soil for agriculture.  It is anticipated that such funds will generate hundreds of millions of dollars, as well as create over 2,500 jobs.

The investment will also see the inception of the ‘Food Waste for Healthy Soils Fund’, which aims at tuning organic material into agricultural soils.

The remainder of the funds will be directed to initiatives to reduce waste and improve resource recovery, as well as providing support to SMEs.

The Waste Management Review has the full article, following this weeks Federal Budget.