Empowering Women

Building Girlpower

Workplace performance improves with gender balance.

In order to attract and retain female employees in male-dominated industries, there is a critical need to skill women up to confidently and constructively handle the challenges, and allow them to realise their potential.


On a construction project, there is huge advantage for everyone in the team when they understand: 

                              • that females possess equal capacity compared to their male counterparts to achieve impressive results  
                              • that female presence can not only complement but improve the tenor of workplace culture 
                              • that by understanding how to deal appropriately with obvious barriers, discriminatory commentary, and invisible bias, females can positively impact the workforce for the benefit of both genders 
                              • that practical, non-technical skill development (such as Assertiveness Training) can be achieved quickly and used effectively to promote a more balanced, mutually-satisfying work environment 


To that end, Construction Advisor’s Building Girlpower webinar series includes a focus on awareness-raising and skill development to build confidence and mastery.  

 Each session begins with an introductory “education module”, designed to present key information which is then discussed within the group by using real-life experience, and at the same time uses this commentary to develop a range of competencies, including understanding human behaviour, assertiveness, communication, and relationship- building skills. 

The duration of each module is scheduled for 1.5 – 2 hours to facilitate sufficient Q and A, and it is our experience that participants are always keen to extend the time allotted, because they derive so much value from the interaction. 

It is our recommendation that numbers are capped at around 10-12 to allow for the highest level of engagement and skill development. 

The Webinar Program would normally involve a minimum of two sessions. 

Whilst some of our clients have opted for female-only sessions for all or part of the Program, others have chosen a combination of female and male participation, as a way of enhancing joint understanding of the factors, which enhance or detract from effective interaction. 

Participant feedback

    • Until I attended this Program, I had no idea how I disadvantaged myself by not being confident about speaking in meetings.
    • Instead of getting annoyed, angry or disappointed, I now understand what motivates some people to behave in certain ways and I can deal with it personally in more constructive ways. 
    • This program has helped me to raise awareness of and challenge negative commentary by communicating why and how such comments hinder collaboration.
    • My communication style has become more appropriately assertive, and I can tell that people now treat me with more respect because I stand up for myself.
    • Even though I felt I was deserving of a promotion, I didn’t feel I could speak to my boss about being considered for the upgrade.
    • When I see other women being spoken down to or ignored or interrupted, I can now help them to grow their own communication skills, or advocate on their behalf.


Contact Construction Advisor to find out how an investment in attracting and developing female employees will pay huge dividends by improving collaboration, enhancing performance, and creating a positive workplace culture throughout the entire team. 

Recognising and encouraging the unique and valuable contribution which each person can make, irrespective of gender, facilitates internal alignment which then allows the team to better work together to deal with external issues.