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Effective workshops are a result of both appropriate planning, competent facilitation and a preparedness to accommodate inevitable change.  Construction Advisor conducts many workshops annually, across many organizations and projects, exploring many kinds of issues and involving a wide range of people.

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An effective workshop leader does much more than bring a group of people together to discuss a topic by:

  • confirming objectives at the start and measure progress against these objectives
  • optimising precious time by focusing the discussion and minimizing irrelevancies
  • ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard
  • delivering results by generating action plans according to the SMARTA principle

Construction Advisor-led workshops are not talk-fests or love-ins, but serious initiatives aimed at properly highlighting issues; providing forums for effective communicationcanvassing ideas; and creating follow-up plans.

At Construction Advisor, we believe that each workshop is a unique event, and therefore proper consideration must be given to objective setting, agenda planning and attendee lists.

Our approach helps to ensure that the right people are invited; that duration and timing maximise attendance; and that the session is productive and minimises lack of engagement.

Types of workshops

Whether the event is an annual business planning session, a regular get-together of a project team or a once-off specific initiative, the time spent needs to be and be seen to be, a worthwhile investment in creating results.

Workshops can be used to satisfy a range of needs:

                          • Project kick-off
                          • Team building
                          • Tender strategy
                          • Project reviews
                          • Business planning sessions
                          • Risk management
                          • Lessons learned

We also believe that project teams will be able to deliver better outcomes for Clients and Contractors by implementing a holistic workshop program commencing with a Project Kick-Off, Joint Client-Contractor Forum, Mid-term Health Checks and a ‘Lessons Learned’ Review during the final stages.


Scheduled workshops at critical stages in the project life cycle will preempt problems and address issues in a timely fashion.

The Construction Advisor aim in delivering high-quality events is to create environments which are both enjoyable and productive, whilst delivering desired outcomes.


Let us share some of the feedback we regularly receive from our coaching sessions:

Our mid-term project review identified all the areas we needed to focus on to make sure we used the remaining time wisely and for us to keep on track”…JohnW