Coates Hire CEO Gone

Coates Hire CEO Jeff Fraser has been shown the door after a relatively short stint in the job – taking over in 2016. He oversaw major transformation as the company adjusted to the post mining boom environment and took the helm at a tumultuous period following leadership change. He was responsible for shifting vast assets between regions and positioning the company to maximize its returns from the East Coast Infrastructure boom.

The Leigh Ainsworth tenure (prior to Fraser’s appointment) was blessed by the mining boom as he took the reigns between 2008 and 2014. Little could go wrong after the company was positioned by strategic master Malcolm Jackman who took the rental company from an ‘also ran’ to a market powerhouse during his tenure.

The obvious question now, is who will steer the equipment rental market leader into the future?

A revolutionary? A consolidator? A Functionary?


We’llĀ  see…


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