• 2019 Dates you should keep an eye on

      29/01/2019 | Noteworthy News

      We've brought together the key global political dates for 2019 in one place


      As 2019 gets underway and we all shake off our collective summer slumber, Construction Advisor wanted to bring together all of the important global political dates for the year. Whether you are in business big or small, no-one lives/works in a fishbowl and being aware of international trends and changes helps us all to interpret changes in our local economy.

      March 23 - NSW State Election

      March 29 - Brexit (unless the UK govt postpones)

      March 31 - Ukrainian Presidential Election

      April 8 - Indonesia Elections

      April 9 - Israel Elections

      April 30 - Japanese Emperor Akihito to step down


      April - May - India Elections

      May - Australian Federal Election? (must be before Nov 19)

      May 23 - European Parliament Elections

      October 21 - Canadian Elections

      October 27 - Ukrainian Elections

      Have we missed something? Let us know!


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